by Makoy Velasco, Certified Securities Representative

For OFWs, leaving the country for greener pastures is one thing, maximizing their earnings is another. Sadly, a lot of OFWs never move on to maximizing their earnings.

Investing in the stock market is a very ideal opportunity for OFWs. In the simplest of terms, investing in the stock market is buying and owning a part of other people’s businesses. For example, if you buy SM shares, you become a part owner of SM. As a part owner, you are entitled to SM’s earnings and assets yet at the same time share the risk in case the company does not do well. The amount of ownership is determined by the number of shares owned since each share represents a certain part of the business.

Investing in the Stock Market is like taking a slice from a pizza.

Investing in the Stock Market is like taking a slice from a pizza.
As part owner of the business, you essentially own a slice of the whole.

The number of OFWs investing in the stock market is increasing. Big thanks to online stock market investing platforms which make investing more convenient. However, a significant number of OFWs still have not invested and miss out on a great opportunity.

Here are some reasons why OFWs should invest in the stock market:

1.  Investing in the Stock Market is Doing Business. I do have OFW friends and most of them say that once they save enough money, they’d come home and start a business. Look at it this way, who would you trust more, yourself or Henry Sy? If you pick Henry Sy, then why not buy SM shares instead of starting your own business? Starting your own business would require lots of time, effort and money. In stock market investing, you need less time and effort since you’ll just be riding on the success of the companies that you buy. This is not to insinuate that stock market investing is far more superior than starting your own business but for OFWs, it is a more practical option.

More OFWs are investing in the Stock Market

6.1% of investors listed in the PSE are from overseas accounts which include our OFW kababayans.
The number continues to grow as more OFWs gain financial knowledge about stock market investing.
(Information taken from PSE Stock Market Investor Profile 2014.)

2.  Growth of the PSE is Stellar. Since 2003, the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSE) index has been growing at an average of 58% per year. Is the money you’re remitting growing at the same rate? If not, better invest in the stock market. Investing in the stock market is far better than putting money in the bank. The growth of the PSE index can make you hit your goals in a shorter period of time. The stock market is a great tool to make your money grow.

Stock market investing beats the bank

It has been proven that long-term stock market investing is more rewarding than parking money in the bank.
More OFWs are realizing this and are taking advantage of online stock trading.

3.  Convenience. Stock market investing is something that can be done by OFWs. With online trading platforms, buying and selling can easily be done as long as there is an internet connection in your area. Aside from buying and selling, monitoring can also be done with ease as well as checking the health of the global or national economies and even specific stocks.

Investing in the PSE is very ideal for OFWs because of its convenience and high growth potential. By investing in the stock market, OFWs are able to take part in the growth of the Philippine economy even while they work abroad. OFWs can invest in the stock market now and start working strategically towards realizing their life goals.

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