by Makoy Velasco

So it’s goodbye 2015 and hello 2016 and you’re probably still there sitting and thinking about your 2011 New Year resolution and wondering when you will finally achieve it. Promises are indeed made to be broken and New Year resolutions are proofs of it. If you want to make a big change in your life this year, you’ve got to change the way you look at and think about New Year resolutions. Resolutions aren’t promises, they aren’t wish lists either, they are goals and goals must be worked on.

One of the most common new year resolutions is to (finally!) start saving or investing. A lot of people start the year excited about finally saving or investing yet only a very few are able to persist and get consistent.

Stock Market Investing

Saving and investing, just like spending, is a habit. Habit requires discipline and lots of motivation to form. People fail to form the habit of saving simply because the motivation to start or continue saving or investing fades as months pass by. Once the motivation dies down, they resort back to their old ways of not saving and not investing.

This 2016, make a huge difference by being consistent in saving and investing. It won’t be easy at the start and in a few days but it’s all going to be worth it at the end of the year and you’d be glad that you finally decided to take action in your new year resolution. Here are three steps to make saving and investing as a habit.

Determine Your Goals. Your goals are the reasons why you invest. If you have goals, you won’t easily get sidetracked if challenges come. A goal could be as small as a family dinner in a very nice restaurant three months from now or as big as buying your dream house a few years from now. No matter what your goals are, it will keep the fire of investing burning in you.

Stock Market Investing

Join a Community of Winners. The environment or community that you belong to plays a very important and critical factor in your journey towards developing that saving/investing habit. In fact, the environment around you influences who you are. Today, there are lots of social media groups about investing. You can join a number of these groups and join their gatherings. There you get to meet people who could help you in becoming a saver/investor.  Wealth Club Stock Market is a very helpful group founded in Cebu.  You can search for the group in Facebook and meet experienced and new investors who won’t hesitate to help you.

Stock Market InvestingStart Saving or Investing. Habit is formed by repeating the same thing over and over again. It is something that becomes a part of you. If you wish to start saving or investing, just simply do it. Open a bank account and open an account with a stock brokerage firm. You’ll never make saving or investing a part of you unless you do it.  You’ve probably heard friends saying they are investing in the stock market and maybe there are times you wish you had invested too.  Why not start this year?  UTrade is an online platform which enables you to do stock trading from wherever you are.  Gone are the days when one has to call an agent just to order stocks.  Today stock trading is fast, easy, and made accessible to Filipinos.  Want to learn more?  UTrade offers free classes on stock trading.  Click the link to register for free!

These are three very basic things that you need to do this month to start and make your 2016 right. Studies show that it takes 21 days to form a habit which means all you need to make your entire 2016 prosperous is only approximately 21 days.