A mindset is a way of looking at something or a way of interpreting the world and the daily events happening around us. As we all know people can be positive and negative in different aspects of life. For instance, a normal college boy is positive that he will pass the exam because he studied well, he knows that no matter what happens he will graduate with flying colors with all the challenges he will face ahead of time.


Another example is a thirty three year old man who saved up on a bank and wants to open a mini business but hesitates to take action on it because he doesn’t believe he is deserves to earn more than what he is earning. Instead, he just purchased a brand new car and continue working as an employee not pursuing his dreams.

In class, we are expected to pass and graduate if we did well in school. Did well means, passing the exams, researching and communicating with the environment you are in. The question is, do Filipinos like researching and doing their homework before they actually conclude? That is where the BIG MYTH takes place in the industry of the Philippine Stock Market. Moreover, Filipinos like hearing myth stories without facts.

What is the BIG MYTH? People will say now and then that investing in the stock market is risky, you’ll go bankrupt and it is ONLY for the rich. Right now get ready to know the truth: IT IS ALL WRONG. Inform yourself! The first step of having a positive mindset is informing one’s self before believing on what others say. You also have to consider several things:

1.Is the person I am talking with experienced on investing or trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange?

2. Is the person I am asking for information a specialist on this field?

3. Is the person open on different opportunities?

To succeed in life, you have to get the resources on the right person or even on the right institution with years of experience and where they can actually lay out a detailed analysis for you which UTrade is adept with as a veteran on this field. People will stay poor or rich if their mindset belief is that they will remain that way forever. You will never achieve what you want in life if you will never try and never take action. That’s right, action. The word itself calls for your attention, that word if put into reality can change everything.

You want to help your little brother someday on his schooling? Save. You want to secure your future for your family when you retire? Save. You want to open up an orphanage to help those children who are homeless? Save. Yes, saving is the answer. In fact, saving plays a big role on each and everyone of us. The problem is do you believe that by investment saving on the stock market, you will achieve these plans in a period of time and earn more than saving it in a normal bank?

That’s where your mindset plays an important role, a positive mindset and doing his homework. What homework? Researching on the BIG difference between Stock Investment and Trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange! If you want to know a brief knowledge on the difference of Trading and Stock Investment you can visit this link.

Once you gain that knowledge of simply knowing the difference of the two activities in the Philippine stock market, you will be energized and inspired to save knowing in a period of time you can earn more, save more, relax more and pursue the goals, dreams and visions for our society. One might actually be surprised and say, “I wish I knew this before!”  or “So this is the secret of the rich people!”

It is good to know someone might be mumbling these words once they discover and research about the market. There is no such thing as a SECRET of being rich. The information is all around the corner with the right people and resources, you just have to do your homework! The thing is, many of us are not open minded, lazy to research and assumes a lot, concluding events on the negative side.  If you are ready to face the future, plans and ambition to contribute to the community then stock investment is for you! If you are someone who is enthusiastic and devoted to your deed or goal in life, then UTrade will help you on achieving that financial guidance you’ deserve!

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